One more mile. 5 more days.

21 Jul

Darn me and my ingredients label reading. I couldn’t bring myself to eat my Lean Cuisine lunch today because I don’t know what maltodextrine or xanthan gum are. I didn’t even Google it, I just headed right out to the local market and got a veggie wrap. Which got me wondering what the ingredients in the spinach wrap itself are! Just like trying to eat low-calorie and low-fat, trying to eat naturally requires thinking ahead and planning. Lack of planning often leads to bad choices (especially for a hypoglycemic like me–bad choices that quickly make you feel better) that aren’t the healthiest. Personally, I tend to go straight for the Coca-Cola, or maybe a chocolate bar, or maybe BOTH to fend off the shaky, lightheaded, bee-otchy feeling that overcomes me when my blood sugar is too low. But at the same time, because I’ve tried to take control of my hypoglycemia, I’m used to planning ahead to avoid that feeling.

And this week the planning ahead has gone quite well! I made quinoa for the first time, which was very tasty. I’ve had the box in my cabinet for over a month because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So I looked up a recipe and voila—quinoa!!! I had it with leftover baked tofu (I found the recipe on Healthy Tipping Point— it was delish!).

I went for a run last night, which went well. NO knee pain! Hooray! It was HOT, but I didn’t want to wimp out on my run because, hey—it could be HOT HOT HOT on Sunday!

Also I am planning on wearing a hat on tri day and I’ve never run with one before— I wanted to get a feel for it. I recently cut my hair shorter and it won’t all go up into a ponytail, so I figured a hat was the best solution for keeping it out of my face. It might seem silly to want to “practice” running in a hat, but something like that could really throw me off if it was annoying or didn’t help! Or if it was ugly 🙂 But it was all good! I love that it says “One More Mile”…for some reason those three short words give me the extra motivation to keep on going!

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