Thank you.

9 Jul

It’s impossible to get through life without the help of those around you. Not necessarily because you couldn’t, but because you just don’t. Help comes, sometimes unspoken, in hundreds of large and small ways, all the time.

Maybe it’s only me that takes each step when I go for a run- no one is physically helping me move my legs. Maybe my motivation comes from something inside me- no one tells me what to do. Maybe this whole thing is about me- my idea, my plan, my goal. After all, didn’t I say that the whole reason I chose this goal was that it had nothing to do with anyone else, only me?

But that does not mean that no one is helping me. Each and every step I’ve taken– both literally and figuratively– has been backed by the support of so many wonderful people. Could I have done it without them? Yes. But did they help me do it? Absolutely. I could have done it without them, but it wouldn’t have been the same. Sometimes getting help seems like a bad thing- like you can’t do something on your own. But that’s not true. When people want to help you and support you not because you asked for it, or even because you need it…it’s a wonderful thing.

So. I moved my own feet. And here’s to some of the people who made that possible.

Amelia. I have no idea how I have not mentioned you here before, because without you no one would not be reading these words. You’re the one who put the blog bug in my head, and I am so thankful. Besides that, you’ve been one of my most positive supporters, and have listened to my crazy thoughts more times than I can count. Thank you so, so much.

Audrey, your seemingly crazy idea to do a 5K before the tri has changed my life tremendously. Thanks for patiently re-teaching me how to swim and for always having the sweetest most encouraging things to say. Thank you. Because of you, I will not drown.

Callie and Wayne, I don’t care if you hate your blog names. I love you. Thank you for running with me. And thank you for always being truly happy for me, and for believing in me and in every aspect of my future.

Lola. I cannot imagine what the past few months would have been like without you. I would have definitely puked before the first 5K (and it might have been my last), maybe even cut out of the gym early some days and would not have given myself over to the idea of dating as easily. And I would have had a lot less fun. I don’t know how else to say how happy I am that you came on this journey with me….thanks for being the yin to my yang.

James….it’s still beyond words. Thanks for reading this, understanding me, and then doing something amazing. You made me realize that it is possible to do something for yourself that can truly reach other people. And speaking of beyond words– thank you for the bubble.

Piz, you believe in my words with such a conviction that I can really see myself on Oprah someday. I promise I’ll figure out a way to get you on camera too 🙂 Thanks for training with me, for coming to see me run, and oh yeah, for being the best brother in the whole wide world.

Mom & Dad, thank you for… everything. For being there. For believing in me. For laughing when I told you I was going to do a triathlon, because it reminds me how far I’ve come.

I just had to say all these thank you’s now, because I’m hopping on a plane to Mexico in the morning and I know that once I get back they days will fly by and it will suddenly be the day of the triathlon. I wanted to say these thank you’s before then so that when I cross the finish line each of you will know the role you played in getting me there and the gratitude I have for it. Because let’s face it, I’ll probably be so exhausted I won’t be able to breathe or form a coherent thought to thank you then.

I can’t wait! 16 days!

One Response to “Thank you.”

  1. The Orange Kitteh July 24, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    Just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK on your Triathlon! Hope you all the success in the world and that you do just amazing! We’ve so enjoyed reading about your journey to this one moment in time!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! And may your wings make you soar!!! 🙂

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