21 Jun

Today’s bike ride kicked. my. ass. I probably wouldn’t even be typing right now, except I have a laptop and can therefore stretch out on my couch while writing–that’s about all the physical exertion I can handle right about now.

Let me rewind to yesterday. My brother and I went biking and I felt like I accomplished a lot.
With his help, I tackled some hills and learned how to switch gears appropriately. Might not sound like a big deal, but I’m really happy that we focused on this and that he was there to help me because I feel much more prepared. The bike ride I take in my town is great, but there are no hills, so it’s a little wimpy as far as training goes.

At my brother’s insistence (and also because we couldn’t find a wrench in the right size), I didn’t take the toe cages off my bike and instead learned how to use them. I was a little scared of them and had never managed to get both my feet in at once; I was afraid I would tip over, which when you think about it is absolutely something that would happen to me. But I learned to use them! And I didn’t tip over! Not only that, but by the end of today I was getting them both in on the first try. This made me really happy. It’s the small things in life sometimes. Kind of like this next accomplishment….

I managed to grab my water bottle and take a drink while riding! AND I put it back while riding. What now, biotch?! Yeah, I know. You’re intimidated by my skillz. Don’t worry. Today I managed to grab the water bottle but nearly dropped it, caught it by the lid, nearly lost control of the bike and rode off the path into the grass, forgot my feet were in the toe cages and almost fell off my bike. So this still needs some work.

Immediately after the ride, we ditched our bikes, tossed our helmets, and went for a run around the block. We had been warned that your legs will feel incredibly weird when you make the transition from biking to running, and those warnings were definitely justified. I felt like someone was pulling down on the front of my legs while meanwhile, I was trying to remain upright and move in a forward motion. Not to mention that we had spent the last stretch of the bike ride going all out, so I was exhausted before my feet even hit the ground. But running after the bike ride was exactly what I needed to do…since it’ll be exactly what I’ll need to do 35 days from now…

Today, we went for another ride. This time we went farther and were riding for about 2 hours. I am not even sure exactly where we were the entire time, but there were a lot of hills. A lot of BIG hills. As my brother was quick to remind me, it was perfect for training- exactly what I wanted. And he was right. But holy cow, I am the most exhausted girl on the planet right now. I think if, towards the end of the ride, a crazed madman had jumped out of the woods wielding a knife, I wouldn’t have been able to move fast enough to get away from him. By the time we got back to the house, I had used nearly every bit of energy that I had. Which is, as odd as it sounds, a great feeling. And now, I can lie here and feel okay about being lazy and consuming a few extra calories. Because I totally earned it.

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  1. teacherwoman June 22, 2009 at 2:01 am #

    That transition from the bike to the run is the hardest transition! I am happy to hear that you got out and went for a quick run afterwards. They say that even 5 minutes of running after every bike ride makes a difference, and you will become more comfortable with the transition!

  2. chris mcpeake June 22, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    Biking and running on after the other can eventually lead to guilt free napping. Keep it up

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