February 12, 2009

13 Feb

I have obtained my first sports-related injury. Since this injury was obtained while running (ok, I lie, it was obtained while fast-walking. Ok, maybe semi-fast-walking) I feel that this makes me a little more official as a runner (fast-walker).

Before anybody gets nervous, don’t worry. The doctor said I’ll be fine. Ok, just kidding again, my injury didn’t warrant a trip to the doctor (although that would have been a bonus if he was handsome). And ok, so it was a minor cut that was induced by my sock slipping down below my sneaker, causing my sneaker to cut into my skin. BUT I was on the treadmill when it happened, so therefore, it’s my first sports-related injury. And although the treadmill is not a sport, I was on the treadmill due to the triathlon which is a sport, so… sports-related inury.

I wasn’t a baby about it or anything; perhaps I learned my “tough it out” mentality from my little bro, who once played a season of football with a broken wrist. Maybe it’s not fair to compare playing football with a broken bone to fast-walking on the treadmill with a cut, but….you see my point. Anyway, at the time he didn’t know his wrist was broken, kinda like I didn’t know that blood was seeping through my sock and onto my sneaker. I think the blood-stained sneaker might be the mark of a true runner…er, walker. Or maybe it’s just the mark of someone with poor footwear. But in any case, I snapped a photo of the carnage to mark the occasion, and to help give me street cred with the actual runners of the world. See that dark spot on the shoe on the right? That’s the price you pay to be a triathlete-in-training.

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