February 10, 2009

11 Feb

It’s official! I am now registered for both the 5k and triathlon. It’s also official because I bought the triathlon outfit. There’s no going back now (since God knows I won’t ever be wearing a triathlon outfit anywhere else but a triathlon)! And…drumroll, please……here it is!
No psychedlic bathing suit for me- only a tri top and tri shorts- designed to function well for all 3 sports- swimming, biking and running. Cute and functional. Fashion disaster averted.

I realize I’m months away from the triathlon, but in a weird way, I almost want it to happen now. Only, if it happened now I would definitely have some… issues. For instance, I would struggle to meet my first goal, which is: Finish the race! And to further quantify that goal, I would like to shoot for the stars and plan on finishing the race on my feet, not, say, crossing the finish line on a stretcher, in a wheelchair, or being carried over the shoulder of some kind soul who takes pity on me.

And, if I don’t meet that first goal, it would be hard to meet my second goal which is: Don’t be last! And just to do some clarification here as well, it wouldn’t count if I wasn’t last but any type of assistance was required to propel me over the finish line. Even if I am struggling, even if I think I might be dead last, I won’t be the equivalent of the woman who hopped the T in order to finish the Boston Marathon “first”. Although I hear they give free massages to people who complete the Boston Marathon, so maybe she had a good idea going there, since I’m sure the line gets pretty long after a while. (Kidding!- I would never do something so lame just to get a massage*.)

So if the race was today, I fear I’d be toast. I will confess that this is in part due to the fact that I haven’t even been running outside yet, still have not even touched an actual bicycle or gotten my feet wet anywhere except the shower. The good news is that my treadmill skills are steadily improving- besides accidentally hitting the emergency stop button twice on Saturday, I have managed to hold my own. Well, as far as walking goes. Alas, I have not yet advanced to running. Yesterday the guy next to me on the treadmill was running so fast and at such a steep incline that it almost made me fall off the treadmill. I do not understand how people do this. Imagine walking directly up a wall, but instead of walking you’re running. That is what this guy was essentially doing. He was also holding on for dear life and had his body tilted at such an angle that I was nervous that even if I wasn’t going to fall over, he sure was.

I don’t know if I aspire to be one of these crazy treadmill people. Right now I’m just aiming for a slow, no-hands jog at a moderate incline, sustained for 30 minutes without hitting the emergency stop. That will be a big day for me.

*Unless the massage was being given by John Krasinski. Then all bets are off. I feel compelled to include this asterisk in case the circumstance should arise. I like to be a woman of my word.

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