February 8, 2009

9 Feb

I spent way too long yesterday browsing online for a cute triathlon outfit. It’s months away but I want to have an idea of what I’m in for from every angle, and that includes fashion. For instance, I will not be wearing one of those bathing suits that look like a 90’s electric light show on a 70’s acid trip. Why do all the serious bathing suits (ones designed for athletic function, not tanning, tropical drinks and cabana boys) look so incredibly un-serious? These suits seem to be saying “Hey- I may not be lounging poolside, but I’m a ton of fun. Honest! Just look at my geometric patterns of fluorescent wonder!” Blech. I will not be wearing on of those. Personally, I will need my bathing suit to be one that says “Hey-I’m a functional bathing suit, designed to keep you sufficiently covered and, most importantly, to help prevent you from drowning. Oh, and I’m super cute.” Ok, so maybe no bathing suit will prevent me from drowning (unless it’s one of those kids bathing suits with a life preserver built in, but a) I don’t think they make those in adult sizes and b) that might not be that great for a race) but I think I can count on one to be cute yet properly modest; this is not a time to wonder if one quick movement might mean over exposure. And, while I assure you I won’t be worrying about how I look that day (hmm, I wonder even as I write this if that’s a little white lie), I see nothing wrong with wanting to prepare myself with some basics that meet my aesthetic criteria. It may seem a little silly to put this much thought into the style aspect of a triathlon- you probably didn’t even know there was a style aspect to a triathlon, and maybe there usually isn’t, and I just invented it. But I don’t care. If I am going to do something, I’m going to do it with at least a little bit of fabulosity, even if it just means reigning in the bathing suit craziness… and perhaps matching my ensemble to my bike.

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